VCU certifcation

VCU stands for Safety and Health Checklist Staffing Organisations and originates from VCA. VCA is for contractors and is aimed at security, health and environment. VCU relates to safety and health. It is a procedure for the certification of the VG management system aimed at staffing organisations. It will allow you to manage relevant processes in your organisation better and to continuously optimise them.

VCU certification costs depend on a number of factors such as:

Number of standards to certify
Number of private companies and/or (branch) offices
Number of employees
Number of project locations that are being performed simultaneously
Work that has to be certified
NCI is accredited by the Accreditation Council to conduct the management certification VCU. Our accreditation demonstrates the following:

Recording and guaranteeing the certification process


VCU certification is intended for staffing organisations and/or secondment services that send staff to VCA certified companies. The VCA certified companies perform increased risk work activities in a hazardous environment. It often relates to construction or maintenance work that is performed at construction sites, in factories, workplaces and near installations. Staffing organisations may request VCU certification in the following sectors:

Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering and process control
Civil engineering
Other technical services, such as insulation, construction of scaffolding, industrial cleaning, blasting/ conservation/ painting, transport, inspection, etc.

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