The first obtained SAQ+ statement for the Safety Ladder has been issued!

Last year TenneT included the Safety Ladder as a criterion in the selection phase of its purchasing project in order to increase safety awareness. Fluxpower B.V. received, as many other suppliers of TenneT, the assignment to undergo assessment by the end of 2018 at the very least according to the ‘Self-Assessment Questionnaire+’ (SAQ+) . Fluxpower started working with the Safety Ladder enthusiastically.

We can proudly report that the first statement for the ‘Self-Assessment Questionnaire+’ (SAQ+), step 3 was issued by Hanneke de Vries, director of the Dutch Accreditation Council (DAC) to Frans van Hofwegen, director of Fluwpower B.V. on Tuesday the 23rd January 2018.

“Two months ago we were able to issue the very first German Safety Ladder Certificate (SLC) and now the first SAQ+ statement in the Netherlands. We are very proud of this! Fluxpower B.V. offers services in the creation, maintenance and renovation of high-voltage systems. By obtaining the SAQ+ statement, Fluxpower B.V. demonstrates that they handle safety within the organisation very consciously,” says Hanneke de Vries.