As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, NEN allows remote auditing of office functions during an initial audit!

Remote auditing of office functions is a temporary measure that only applies as long as the COVID-19 measures regarding working from home are in force. As soon as the COVID-19 measures are no longer in force, the office should still be visited during the next follow-up audit. (Also at SCL Light in year 2).

During the company visit at the office (on-site), it is a matter of checking whether the physical layout of the office and the manners of employees (non-verbal) match the step observed during the initial audit.

The company visit at the office can lead to extra audit time during the next follow-up audit. The extra audit time allowed is a maximum of 20% of the audit days for the initial office audit.

Should the audit team come to a different conclusion during the office audit than during the initial audit or reassessment, the certificate will be adjusted.