The CSR guide ensures The CSR guide ensures that you can develop CSR further within your organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Indicator (CSR indicator)

The CSR indicator is an instrument that supports organisations in implementing and testing their CSR activities. The CSR indicator is based on the ISO 26000 guideline for ‘social responsibility of organisations’. It is a practical and phased model consisting of a CSR self-evaluation, which you can complete with a CSR certification.

Waarom de MVO-Wijzer?

The CSR indicator shows your organisation where you stand in the perception of your employees and managers
The CSR indicator ensures you can develop your CSR further within your organisation
With the CSR Evaluation or the CSR Certificate you make the CSR activities transparent within your organisation and visible to third parties
The costs for a CSR indicator depend on a number of factors such as::

Number of standards to certify
Number of private companies and/or (branch) offices
Number of employees
Self-evaluation and/or certification
Work that has to be certified
NCI is an independent institution of the CSR Pointer. As a result, NCI is authorized to issue CSR Statements and CSR Certificates with a positive assessment.

Slide By applying CSR your organization shows social and responsible entrepreneurship By applying CSR your organization shows social and responsible entrepreneurship

The process

By applying the nine CSR themes, your company demonstrates that it does business in a socially responsible way. In order to qualify for a CSR Statement or a CSR Certificate, you need a minimum number of points per theme. The points are awarded for the following themes in the CSR guide:

Code of conduct (internal requirements)
Laws and regulations (external requirements)
Good governance
HR policy
Customer policy
Local stakeholder policy
Chain policy
Communication policy


The process consists of 2 phases, i.e.:

Phase 1: CSR Statement
By means of a digital measurement carried out by your own employees/executives, your company gains a reliable picture of the state of affairs in terms of CSR. At the end of the process, you receive a clearly presented report and, if the evaluation is positive, a CSR Statement. The CSR Statement is valid for 2 years. Once you have received the CSR Statement, you can get to work on CSR yourself. If you want a certificate to demonstrate that you have been tested by an independent party and are acting socially responsibly, you can take the next step from here. (Phase 2)

Phase 2 CSR Certification
In order to obtain a CSR Certificate, you must have your CSR activities tested by an independent party such as NCI. In the event of a positive recommendation, you will be awarded the certificate. The certificate is valid for 3 years, provided annual surveillance audits are held.

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