EEI Hét Europees Examen Instituut
EEI – The European Examination Institute

Did you know that DAC has a sister company?

EEI – The European Examination Institute is a recognised examination office for administering VCA exams on a national and international level for companies and private individuals.

EEI has enthusiastic exam leaders and a large number of tablets allowing them to respond expertly and in a flexible manner to the increasing demand for exams at your location or one of their locations in the Netherlands. For an overview of the locations, please contact the European Examination Institute.

Why get your diploma from EEI?

Because of our enthusiastic and expert exam leaders with their personal approach EEI exam candidates will not experience the exam as something they have to do but mostly as a pleasant experience. With EEI we do not only focus on the exams, but we also take into account the atmosphere, the personal character and enthusiasm to reach your goal, i.e. obtaining a diploma with added value! EEI will of course fulfil the set requirements from for example VCA Infra: independent and professional.

Exams in one overview:

Basic VCA
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